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Looking to start out a construction project, but don’t have the necessary tools and resources to do so? If you live in the area of Hartland WI, maybe calling Alternative Design & Construction would solve the problem outright. We are a full service construction company operating throughout the whole Hartland WI and surrounding area. Alternative Design & Construction┬ádelivers five star services for prices that are unbelievably competitive. We also pride ourselves in completing projects in a timely manner. Time is of key essence when it comes to any construction job, and we wish to conserve as much of your time as possible without compromising with the final results.

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The best concrete foundation company! I'm very happy with their service and would recommend them highly!

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Construction projects are undoubtedly labor-intensive and time-draining. Such activities demand major resources. At our construction company, we want to make things simpler and easier for you. Alternative Design & Construction carries years of experience and a continuously growing reputation for professional service constructions. We have the competencies and means to manage the task in an efficient, smooth and in a timely manner. Construction Company in Hartland WIOur construction services are specifically designed to meet specific needs of varying customers and create a remarkable and flawless turn-around of each and every job we manage. When it comes to this type of work, the key to success is thorough preparation and simply ample planning. Alternative Design & Construction is proud to present and carry vast of experience in both aspects. We also have years of experience in delivering professional concrete services!

Whether you are looking to renovate a part of your home, construct a house from the ground up or any other service you need, Alternative Design & Construction in Hartland WI is an excellent option to consider calling. We guarantee only quality results for your project and deliver the most proper prices that will blow your mind. Aside from competitive and cost-efficient quotes, our home builders also deliver speedy operations to give customers a working structure, such as a new small business area, deck or patio, swimming pool, office building or any other building they need, without further delays to their intended operations and activities.

Construction, in general, is immensely vast. The services encompassed under it will take multiple general contractors to perform if the customer requires an extensive project. As a full service general contractor specialist, our construction company is confident we can perform specific goals and needs of customers.

We know almost all customers treat pricing as one of the major factors considered upon choosing the general contractor or construction company to be their partner in renovation projects. And we can’t blame them due to the economic difficulties and financial crisis during these times. At Alternative Design & Construction, we strive to help consumers get top level services for low prices. Contact us today and let’s get started with your project.